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Here’s to New Beginnings

It all started with a Joy Wallace party. In 1988, Joy’s hobby of bringing the people in her life together blossomed into a full-blown career filled with passion. After taking Miami roots, she surrounded herself with other creative event professionals who look for joy in everything and everyone they encounter. For the last 30 years, our dream team of culinary artists and designers has been blessed to create extraordinary events for families, organizations, professionals and individuals from around the world. We remain true to our history. At the same time, we’re ready to expand the horizon of what is possible during each event.

We’re One Big Diverse Family

Our office is an energetic space. At any given moment, several conversations take place in multiple languages. In many ways, this is a microcosm of Miami—a melding of cultures and traditions from around the world. Though our knowledge is wide and backgrounds different, our core values are the same.

Bringing people together with imaginative events

As a creative team with family values, we’re interested in how you and your inner circles come together, dine, dance and live your most pivotal moments. Personal connections are the foundation to everything. When we create together, we focus on your event’s “why” and “who,” and this inspires us to think outside the box. We’re ready to redefine how people celebrate.

Community Responsibility

We want to make a difference in the world by supporting causes we care about across Miami. That’s why we donate to people-focused organizations like Miami Rescue Mission and partner with various local vendors and small businesses that are also dedicated to creating a stronger community.

This also includes making better efforts toward a greener world. Throughout the years we have incorporated many green initiatives and continuously seek out ways to promote practices that are better for the environment. From our company wide recycling efforts to using an energy-efficient tankless water heating system, every move toward a more sustainable workplace counts.

Finally, we strive to provide relief during widespread emergencies. As disaster catering experts, we have the equipment, training and supplies to assist businesses, organizations and other facilities when disaster strikes.

Partners & Associations
  • International Caterers Association

Designing Unique Experiences

We’ve always looked at food as a substance capable of speaking louder than words. Every plate has a tale to tell. Your event will take shape to match what’s important to you. Our favorite part is when it unravels before your eyes. It’s yours to share with others and relive later.

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